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Chest pain above breast bone watch online

Chest pain above breast bone

Costochondritis is a common cause of chest pain in and adolescents. It accounts for 10%% of all chest pain in Annually, doctors evaluate about , cases of chest pain in young people years of age. The peak age for the condition is years of age. Mar 01,  · Bone Disorders – Bone and joint related conditions like osteomyelitis or certain infections can cause chest pain. Inflammation of rib cartilage (costochondritis) can cause chest pain in center, at the breastbone. Muscle Soreness – Sore or strained muscles, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome can cause muscular pain in the middle of the chest is also usually the cause for pain in Occupation: MD,FFARCSI. Jun 11,  · Dear Army Wifey: I am sorry you are experiencing some pain in your chest that is limiting parts of your life. It is hard to evaluate this type of pain over the internet without asking questions. The cause of the chest pain depending on where it is (I know you mentioned above the breasts and below the collar bone) is it one sided, central, or both sides.

Chest pain above breast bone
Chest pain above breast bone

Chest pain is a common and chest pain above breast bone of the most discussed experiences. Chest pain is a feeling of pain and discomfort in the area of thoracic cavity or chest, extending from the neck to the upper abdomen. A slight pain in the chest area can send waves of fear running down your mind. You are sure to think what could have caused this chest pain? Pain in chest is often feared of and is attributed to a heart attack. While this chest pain above breast bone a possibility, there are a host of other causes of chest pain. When you experience pain in the center of chest, you would like to consider various other reasons that could be bothering you in the form of chest pain.

Chest pain above breast bone
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Chest pain above breast bone
Chest pain above breast bone
Chest pain above breast bone
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